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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to conserve and to better the value of land habitat for the use of wildlife and waterfowl in particular.

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Fowl Lifestyle is our life, not only during duck season, but year round.


We are based out of Southeast Missouri, where we own & operate our waterfowl outfitting service.  We provide daily pit lease & guided waterfowl hunts.  We post duck hunting videos each year to try to entertain other waterfowl enthusiasts, because just like us, we all like watching other duck hunting videos.

Our Mississippi Flyway duck hunting styles will appeal to many different types of duck hunters we believe.  We will also share any duck hunting tips that we can think of that may help someone bag a few more ducks this season. Duck hunting in our area is varied nearly as much as any other state.

If you want to experience a true Southeast Missouri guided duck hunt, contact us today!  Come experience some Missouri duck hunting in comfort with us and make some duck hunting memories that will last a lifetime.

As a group of waterfowlers just like you, we hope to bring you up to date information about ducks in the Mississippi flyway with frequent in field reports, but to also share knowledge with everyone so that we all can benefit and learn something new. 

When you hunt with us, we want you to feel as if you are hunting in your own pit, by showing you what true Southern hospitality is all about!